LEarning & Development

Knowledge transfer is a core passion in CQX.
All trainings are offered in person or online remotely.



This two day interactive workshop walks delegates through a global best practice CX Management Framework. Topics include all core CX competencies, including CX Strategy and brand proposition, the role of employees in delivering the strategy, customer journey mapping, CX measurement, CX improvement and CX culture.


Executive, individual and team bespoked coaching sessions and workshop. Developing your leadership for improved business execution.


Design and delivery of an ‘experiential’ training programme for those working in a customer experience role – aligning the Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP.org) ‘blueprint’, delegates are taught about the competencies before having to put their learnings into practice. These programmes typically span a 12-month period.


Transformational and Personal Leadership training – enabling leaders to better understand what is required of them, and the competencies they require in their people, to help their organisations become more profitable.


Tailored designed in-house training to suit your company preference.


We can create E-learnings tailored for your organisation need.

Topics included in CXM trainings

The role of the Customer Experience Professional
CX Transformation
CX Frameworks
CX and Customer Strategy
Employee CX
Brand Proposition/purpose
Customer-centric culture
Who are your customers?
Customer Personas
Customer Empathy
Customer Journey Mapping
CX Measurement
CX Leadership
CX improvements
Digital CX

CQX tools and methodology 
How to connect Lean 6 Sigma tools for CX
CX Lean 6 Sigma projects
Customer centric quality culture
CQX measurements
Customer journey mapping methods
CX and sustainability
Customer centric quality issue resolution
CQX assessments
Supplier Quality Experience

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Veronika’s exceptional knowledge and passion of CX brought a fresh and dynamic perspective to our Inspiring Leadership programme. Veronika’s ability to tailor customer experience principles to fit BP’s environment and audience, made the training programme more personalised and compelling. We appreciated Veronika's willingness to share knowledge beyond the scope of the programme.

Andrew Richmond, Andrew Richmond, BP

Veronika is without doubt one of the most talented individuals I have had the pleasure to work with. She created and lead Customer Quality eXperience (CQX) program taking her vision and creating strategic deployment through engagement of the organisation at every level. She has an ability to consider not only process aspects of change but also people and ultimately cultural aspects to make change sustainable. Her personal style of hard work and fun motivates and influences others to improve not only at the organisation level but also at a personal level through Veronika’s talent for coaching and mentoring.

Darren Riches, Global Head of Quality ABB Robotics

Veronika is one of the most passionate people I've had the good fortune to meet. She is incredibly knowledgeable in the field of CX, as well as great at conveying her knowledge to others. One can always rely on her to give interesting perspectives and challenge the normative way of thought. The ability she has of spreading positivity and exciting ideas to her surroundings is fantastic and I am very glad to have had her as my mentor.

Elin Karlsson, Master Thesis Student, University of Mälardalen

Veronika is one of the most passionate knowledgeable CX experts that I have had the pleasure to work with. If you want to add value to your organization, would recommend you get in touch with her.

Lina Yahya, Head of Service Excellence, RAKBANK

A very good presentation on customer experience at the Alfa laval conference, as a fanboy of six sigma and DMAIC methodology it was fascinating to hear about similar systems being used to measure and quantify customer satisfaction! Thanks for you time!

Liam Rice, Machinist Alfa Laval

She sprinkles fairydust on everything she touches

Gabriella Tingberg-Granath, Swedish work agency

Veronika did an excellent job, guiding us through the foundation of Customer Excellence, with high engagement and personal reflections. I’m very impressed with her experience.

AnnaCarin af Forselles, Owner of A Walk in the Forest


We help to improve overall customer satisfaction, business performance and change management

Coaching & Mentoring

Help, guide, advise and mentor executives, managers, teams, individuals to achieve their goals and ambitions

Keynote Speaker

Delivering talks on customer experience, business transformation, leadership and global influences