About CQX


Underpinned by our belief in ‘helping people to be the creators of the change they wish to see in the world’, we act as specialists in ‘operationalizing experiences’ – turning talk into demonstrable action.

Not just with our heads, but with our hearts too.

Through consultancy, training, coaching and speaking – we can help you improve your business in several ways.

CQX helps you to create, develop or adapt your business; determine how to maximize the engagement and therefore contribution of your people to organisation purpose and goals with the customer;  leadership development and coaching, team development, strategy execution, change culture, customer experience management, map a customer journey; or understand how to introduce a robust customer-centric change/transformation program. 


”The CQX concept is the fuel on how to fulfill the purpose of any organisation.”

Founder words on why CQX was created

The answer is quite wide ranging. First and foremost, I believe the concept of CQX changes the way the world needs businesses to operate by enabling them to become more ‘human centric’.

Customer Experience is about creating businesses that passionately want to help deliver a purpose driven fulfillment to people (customers, employees and society), through products, services, and so forth.

I created CQX because of what it can give to the business world and people.

Its truly time to forget the conventional practices of business management. The changes needed are certainly worth the effort though. And how well organisations can manage these changes will determine the quality of their tomorrows.